Beef and Pork custom processing

Dunbar’s custom-processes beef and pork from local small farms and small-scale livestock producers year-round in our clean and sanitized facility.  Local-foods enthusiasts can obtain Michigan-raised meats of the highest quality, raised by small-scale local farms rather than huge agribusiness corporations.  You’ll be amazed at the tasty and tender difference!

Dunbar’s will cut steaks, chops and roasts to your specifications, then vacuum-pack in thick-mil high-grade freezer wrap, and flash-freeze to preserve quality.  In addition, a wide variety of specialty items are available – from our “secret recipe” sausages to smokehouse favorites such as bacon, ham, and jerky.  We’ve been in this line of work in Southeastern Michigan since 1957, and will provide the best quality of processing on your order due to our long experience.

Information on hauling livestock is available – call us for details.